.::Vote Results::.

if you were to be reincarnated as anything, which of these would you be ?

an invisible man/woman(13%) 14 votes.
marilyn monroe (12%) 13 votes.
a cat, they have 9 lives after all(11%) 12 votes.
a fly on the wall, you get to hear everything that goes on(10%) 11 votes.
a ghost, getting revenge on those that did you wrong!(10%) 11 votes.
none of the above, or come back as yourself(10%) 11 votes.
a genius type like einstein(9%) 10 votes.
elvis (9%) 10 votes.
a tortoise, you get to live for 130 years (9%) 10 votes.
prime minister/ the president(8%) 9 votes.

Total 111 votes.