Date: 12/31/2007

A new years message.

Whatever it is you desire, may you earn it, keep it and treasure it- enjoy the free and simple rewards over things that glitter and fade. Be safe, secure with yourself and your life, and know that races are won a step at a time- the only thing that comes unconditionally is the love between man woman and child- if something sounds too good to be true it will be, put your stock in possetions and you will never be happy. Whatever it is you do for work, do it with good spirit and effort- take pride in all you do. End each day on good terms with loved ones, you never know if its the last chance-equally live without fear or regret, its your life to live. Expect nothing and appreciate the smallest gifts, being thought of is a gift of its own. You can achieve anything, dont be afraid of a challenge, its what makes us grow as people. If you make resolutions, resolve to be that bit more content with yourself, but dont feel pressured to change, any happy soul is a beautiful one.

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